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Blowing Fiber Optic Cable
Blowing Fiber Optic Cable
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Model: Blowing Fiber Optic Cable

 Along with  the  large-scale construction of 3G networks and FTTH projects,  there  is a rapid  construction  of  fiber  optic  cable  project.  Under  the  increasingly  tense  situation  of communication pipeline and pores resources, the traditional big pores and multi-pores can't meet  the actual needs.  Micro-cables and micro-pipelines can greatly  improve  the pipelines' utilization.  Normally  the  diameter  of  micro-cable  is  3~10.5mm,  enable  to  be  144  cores, 22~45KG  per  kilometer,  and  mainly  using  blowing  operation  method.  The  flexible  laying method  and  highly  utilization  of  pipelines  will  be  the  trend  of  cable  laying  method  in  the future.

With small outer diameter, lightweight, moderate hardness and softness, and suitable for blowing laying method
The optical fiber is with high density, make fully use of pipelines
Highly  increasing  the  laying  efficiency,  the  blowing  speed  of  micro-cable  could  be
20m~100m/min, and the length could be 1~2km every time
It  can  batches  blow  in  cables,  and  also  blow  out.  Not  only  distributed  implementation, reduced  initial  investment,  but  also  updated  the  new  fiber  optic  cables  at  any  time  to maintain the progressiveness of networks

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