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Central Loose Tube Armored outdoor cable
Central Loose Tube Armored outdoor cable
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Model: GYXTW

The two parallel round steel wires enhance tensile strength and crush resistance,good mechanical performance, jacket with good ultra violet resistant property, small outer diameter,lightweight, tight stucture, excellent bending property and suitable to installation and operation.

Accurate fiber excess length ensures good mechanical and temperature performance.
High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant and special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber.
Specially designed compact structure is good at preventing loose tubes from shrinking .     
The loose tubes and all interstices of cable core filled with moisture-proof and water blocking compound ensure no longitudinal water ingress.
Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength.
Small diameter, light weight and friendly installation
Polyethylene outer jacket can resist deterioration from ultra-violet (UV) rays.

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