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HFBR4516 Patch Cord
HFBR4516 Patch Cord
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Model: HFBR4516


Four connector styles are available for termination of plastic optical fiber: simplex, simplex latching, duplex and duplex latching. All connectors provide a snap-in action when mated to versatile link components. Simplex connectors are color coded to facilitate identification of transmitter and receiver connections. Duplex connectors are keyed so that proper orientation is ensured during insertion. If the POF cable / connector will be used at extreme operating temperatures or experience frequent and wide temperature cycling effects, the cable/connector attachment can be strengthened with an RTV adhesive (see plastic connectoring instructions for more detail).

Compatible with Agilent Versatile Link Family of Connectors and Fiber Optic Components
1mm Diameter Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) in Two Grades: Low Cost Standard POF with 0.22dB/m Typical Attenuation, or High Performance Extra Low Loss POF with 0.19dB/m Typical Attenuation

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