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Model: 16NCT

Digitek Cable Tester

  • Easy to hold, rugged anodized brass body
  • Specifically designed for RF cable applications
  • Easy-to-store Toner
  • Right angled male push-on connector for fast use
  • Easy-to-replace long life battery
  • Easily viewable DC short LED
Summary Operating Instructions
The unit is equipped with a short circuit detector LED located on the head of the transmitter section. 
If a DC short circuit exists in the cable the LED will light up. 
MAny high quality splitters used for MDU applications are short circuits to DC. 
If these splitters are in the cable line, the LED will light up.
  1. Unscrew the "tone" detector, which is conveniently stored in the base section.
  2. The main section of the unit houses the DC transmitter and has a male "F" push-on fitting. Attach this push-on fitting to a female "F" port on an apartment wall plate.
  3. Touch the "tone" detector to each one of the cables at the remote location. When the correct cable from the transmitter is found, the tone will sound.

Note: To replace the battery, unscrew the battery chamber access cap above the tone detector.

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