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About Us

Sydney Telecom integrate a multiple local telecommunication companies though its efforts over last several years. It provides a network construction, outstanding service, applications and other services to a communications operators, media operators, equipment manufacturers, private communication network, government agency, and enterprises and institutions throughout the Australia. Furthermore, it also actively expands its overseas market.

Sydney Telecom has an advanced technology, a full range of services, an outstanding achievement, a complete qualification, extensive localized service network and a unique integrated services model. It has an experienced and practical management team. Specifically, we provide telecommunication services, TV antenna installation, cctv systems, broadcasting services, voip services, digital tv, fibre optic internet, global navigation satellite systems, electrical tools and cable internet etc. Sydney Telecom is located at 1, Railway Pde, Burwood NSW 2134. It wouldn't be difficult for you to find if you live in surrounding suburbs such as Burwood, Croydon, Ashfield, Summer Hill, Lewisham, Strathfield, Homebush, Flemington, North Strathfield, Concord West etc. 


"We carry a beneficial exploration for the secondary assets of NBN’s state-owned enterprises, and provide a several success cases."


As the leading Australian domestic facilitator of information and media operators, Sydney Telecom will seize the rare opportunity of developing copper back into the light, grasp the initiative for competition, further improve the level of service, thus, achieve the growth of both business and customer value.


In 1 to 3 years time, we are aiming to the forge a customer-leading, operational-excellence; innovative information and media support serviced company which plays a significant force in serving information-based society. Our goal is to maintain a customer satisfaction, a positive reputation among the developers, a trust of employees, a social accredit, and become an outstanding enterprise.


Sydney Telecom’s integration helps to enhance the market position and the competitiveness of communication service industry. In addition, it would open up an overseas markets, actualize the economies of scale and synergism of operation. It gives full play to the advantage of firm integrated services, strengthen the cooperation with telecom operators, media operators, equipment manufacturers, software developers and other valued-chain industries. It used an oversea company as a platform, and develops a domestic and international market with a well plan and approach.


With a well integration, Sydney Telecom has become one of the large scale and business scope service provider that offer comprehensive information with information and media operators.


Sydney Telecom has an advanced technology, a full range of services, an outstanding achievement, a complete qualification, extensive localized service network and a unique integrated services model. It has an experienced and practical management team.


Based on the depth understanding and long-term experience in project operation with information & media operators and telecommunication industry. Sydney Telecom can provide customers with a professional, comprehensive and one-stop communication supporting service. We satisfy the diversified and personalized customer demand. Sydney Telecom's business service range throughout Australia and overseas for more than 30 countries. Sydney Telecom provides a full services for customer, package solution, achieve integration, one-stop, personalized, and professional services. Our service includes: to provide network planning, survey and design, engineering construction, engineering supervision, bidding agent, equipment procurement, logistics and other distribution support service. We also provide global telecommunications network maintenance, network optimization, business agent on behalf of the business, facilities management, call center outsourcing services, engineering consulting, planning, design, construction, supervision, network maintenance, channels services, property management internal wiring system integration and development, Internet services, voice value-added services, mining internal communication, self-developed intelligent network application systems, fixed telephone, mobile telephone, Internet access and application of integrated information service, with full-service telecommunications, multi-product integration service capabilities, channels systems and all other sorts of services.


The customers and worldwide partners of Sydney Telecom mainly included overseas telecommunication operators, financial institutions, equipment manufacturers, media operators, government departments, enterprises and public clients and customers.



Relying on the technology and human resources of Sydney Telecom, our business involved different field of telecommunication industry. We align with several global major operators, equipment manufacturers. Our services range throughout Asia, Oceania, Africa, South America and more than 30 countries and regions.

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