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Construction services
The engineering and construction business of the Company is mainly to provide services such as the construction of communications pipeline and duct, civil engineering and related auxiliary system construction, installation, adjustment, tuning and testing of communications equipment and network optimization. Through the provision of network construction services, the Company assists operators to expand network capacity and coverage and fully meet the fast-growing business needs of the operators. At the same time, the Company has integrated service capability to provide government and corporate customers on integrated routing services for intelligent buildings.
  • Undertake engineering work for international and provincial fiber optic and electric cable transmission networks and provide wiring, maintenance and cutover service of various telecommunications networks.
  • Provide installation engineering work for various telecommunications network, including mobile equipments, transmission (SPH, PWDM) equipments and data equipments like wire/wireless access network, DDN and packet-switching etc.
  • Provide installation and testing service for equipments of Huawei, Cisco, Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Motorola and Nortel, etc. Our business covers various professional products such as switch, access network, transmission, broadband, new businesses and mobile products.
  • Undertake civil engineering projects and auxiliary facilities construction including machines room construction, civil project decoration, lightning-proof equipment installation, environmental/electricity system construction.







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